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Indiana Jones : Temple Of Doom Book and Record Set

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  This Indiana Jones : Temple Of Doom book and record set came across my desk today from an op shop adventure. It’s a great 24 page summation of the movie, minus the heart removal and chilled monkeys brains to make it fit the demographic it was aimed at,

Lapita Culture – Explorers of the Southern Oceans

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This week during a random Google search I found this interesting map showing migration of people across the pacific, and had to dig deeper. It refers to the Lapita Culture, who archaeologists theorise lived in the Pacific about 1600 BCE to 500 BCE.   Archaeologists have been able to

Guardians of the Galaxy – New Poster

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    Saw the trailer for this last night at the end of The Avengers, and it looks amazing. Great to see some of the lesser known heroes of the Marvel cannon getting a movie, and it doesn’t look to be the stereotypical hero vs villain tale.   Check

Gaming The Cloud Of Sound

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Interesting article from 5Chicago on exactly how some bands and users are gaming  Soundcloud to inflate track plays and comments, which in turn draws more attention from legitimate users and promotes the track. While I don’t condone this kind of activity, and also know how prevalent it is in

Favourite 8 Bit Cinema Film Recreations

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A great selection to choose from, but these stand out for style and originality Hunger Games [bc_video] [/bc_video] Happy Gilmore [bc_video] [/bc_video] Inception [bc_video] [/bc_video]

The Avengers in 8 Bit Mega Man Style

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This amazing video from Youtube user Cinefix  is a recreation of the Avengers movie in the form of the Nintendo classic Mega Man. Is is both hilarious and awesome at the same time. I really think they should make actual 8 bit side scrolling platform games of new action Offers a New Model For Authors

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Could this be the real future of text publishing, and even offer clues as to how music and video publishers may also raise funds? I have just discovered,  which is essentially a crowd funding platform that allows authors  to turn their published books into Creative Commons licensed e-books.

Tokyo Store – Only Sells Kit Kats

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I was just looking through the blogosphere and saw that Shayne from had recently seen a store devoted just to Kit Kats over in Tokyo. That seriously looks like heaven to me. Kits Kats are my favourite choc treat, super sweet and awesome. I had the luck to

New Weezer Single – Back To The Shack

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Weezer have released the new single from the album “Everything Will Be Alright in the End” and its a cracker. Real return to form for Rivers and crew, super catchy and I love the “turn off those stupid singing shows” line. These guys were amazing when I saw the

The True Secret of Minecraft

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Great article by Robin Sloan on what the true secret of Minecraft really is. He goes onto to make some good points on the way that the game has been constructed and then released with no real manual.   The secret is that the way to “play” Minecraft, from the