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Music Monday (on a Tuesday)

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This is the first of our regular music Monday articles, where we feature the the top tunes that we have heard during the week, both new and old. It is also a way to feature artists that have connected with us during the week via social media that we

Every NES Game Box Art by year

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Imgur user emperorcain has done an amazing job of putting together the box art of every NES cartridge by year. It is a visual feast for NES lovers and brings to mind many long forgotten titles. While the box art for most games was quite standard, there are some

Most useful sites on the internet – maybe..

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Daily Zen published this guide to some long forgotten but interesting sites. While they may not be the most useful for everyone, there are some handy online tools here. It also makes you realise that there is an online service to accomplish almost any task. For instance, there is

The bionic future of sport

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Interesting article over on Motherboard today by Zoltan Istvan on the future of sport in regards to bionics and transhumanism . Zoltan is a futurist, philosopher, journalist, and author of the bestselling novel The Transhumanist Wager It certainly got me thinking of a easily foreseen in the not

Weird Al Gets Fancy

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Weird Al’s 8 day video extravaganza of releases for the Mandatory Fun album continues to roll on, the with amazing ” Handy” seeing him take on Iggy Azalea’s single “Fancy” and somehow make it more catchy. He is in punning overdrive with this one, and he does an amazing

New Skylanders Trap Team

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I saw  tonight that the promotion of the new Skylanders Trap Team is starting to heat up, with local games stores starting to clear old Skylanders stock out at more than 75% of the original price. I wasn’t a fan of Skylanders at first, but the kids inevitably got

You must see the Darth Vader Death Metal Drumming

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You must see this awesome video of Lego Darth Vader Drumming. I think the tune is Akercocke‘s Eyes Of The Dawn. I love the cymbal work and the excellent double kick technique shown by the former Mr Skywalker. Someone needs to dress up in a real Darth Vader suit

Welcome To OK Look Now

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Welcome to OK Look Now, a place to find the best things happening right now, provoke thought and keep you entertained. The staff here are geeks at heart with interests in just about everything, and an eye on what really matters. The articles might be practical, they might be