3 great early Spiderbait songs

As one of the only true survivors of the early 90’s thriving Melbourne music scene, Spiderbait have had an awesome career. While most people will know them for their albums after “The Unfinished Spanish Galleon of Finley Lake” in 1995, there first few recording efforts were amazing in their energy and creative take on the “alternative” music of the time.

When I used to go and see them at EV’s at Croydon, or the Central Club in Richmond it was always memorable. Just 3 people playing on stage with no other bells and whistles, just letting the music do all the talking.

Both the “Run” EP and the Shashavaglava album were a clash of musical styles, driven by Krams amazing beats. Both Whit and Janet weren’t playing the same riffs as other ‘grunge’ wannabe bands, this was something far more original.

It is this same energy and originality that made their later tunes like Black Betty stand out as something different when it broke worldwide. It was great to see the Melbourne based band get some well deserved international recognition.

Check out these 3 great tunes from their early days.

Word I Said

High energy, great use of samples at the front (is that Julian Clary I hear?) with a crazy breakdown in the middle. Listen to that Kram “trainbeat”.


Circle K

This was their debut 7″ vinyl.



Sure, it was a song from the Goodies but Spiderbait made it their own. Great film clip with heaps of Goodies references, including Ecky Thump at 1:34.
Not your standard sounding tune of the time either, with a ton of what and phaser on the guitar!<

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