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Did Ghostbusters 2 predict the end of the world in 2016?

Look out all of you Valentines day fans, the date predicted by the psychic on Peter Venkmans show at the start of  Ghostbusters 2 for the end of the world draws nigh!

Venkman is interviewing guests on his chat show “The World of The Psychic” when one of his guests makes the prediction.

She states that  “The end of the world will be on February 14th, in the year two thousand and sixteen”, and that she got the information from an alien (that looked like a man) that she met at the Paramus Holiday Inn.



This date, just like October 21st, 2015 must have seemed for the Back to the Future producers must have seen like a far off date  26 years ago on the release of the film.


In Ghostbusters 2, another psychic makes a prediction that all hell is going to break loose on New Years Eve. In the film, that prediction comes true and the Ghostbusters are the ones that have to deal with the situation.

world of the psychic

What is amazing is that the new Ghostbusters reboot film is coming out just months after the date predicted by the second psychic Elaine. That would be an awesome tie back to Ghostbusters 2.


Prediction of specific events in pop culture really get the collective imagination going, but as the dates all pass without incident they shine a light on some of the dates and event set by all kinds of experts. Every year predictions are made and changed on when the end of the world will be, only be passed and “revised”. The history of religion is full of such dates, as is economics and politics.


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