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Welcome to OK Look Now, a place to find the best things happening right now, provoke thought and keep you entertained.

The staff here are geeks at heart with interests in just about everything, and an eye on what really matters. The articles might be practical, they might be light hearted but reading them will never be a waste of time.

Think of it as a great snack for the mind or a useful bit of trivia rather than the empty calories of mental fast food served elsewhere.

We write about music, film, high strangeness, games, events, history, interesting facts, synchronicities, news and more. We also have hand built tools that allow us to find long forgotten gems on the net that have been looked over. The net has been here for a long time, and there is a LOT of content people never get to see. This site is the remedy for that, a hand curated selection of never seen gems.

Now lets get to it!

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Written by Steve Mills

I am a writer, researcher and online marketer from Melbourne, Australia with a deep interest in a wide range of subjects


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