Indiana Jones : Temple Of Doom Book and Record Set


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This Indiana Jones : Temple Of Doom book and record set came across my desk today from an op shop adventure.

It’s a great 24 page summation of the movie, minus the heart removal and chilled monkeys brains to make it fit the demographic it was aimed at, which would have been kids 7 to 12.


The concept of Book and record (or Book and Cassette which made listening at bed time easier) doesn’t need to be explained here, as nearly everyone would have experienced these as a kid and owned one or two. They are fantastic as they included dialogue from the film, narration and sound effects that gave a lot of atmosphere.

Starwars book set heman book set  black hole

I have a few of these in the collection now, a cassette version of the Ewoks Caravan of Courage as well as The Black Hole and the Star Wars episode IV record set. I used to have the Masters of the Universe one as a kid but sadly it disappeared on the way to adulthood.

book set planet of the apes

Here is the Gremlins one set to scenes from the film





What is your favorite Book and Record Set?

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