Judas Priest programmed RAGE on Saturday night

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As we got home from a night out on Saturday, It was great to have metal legends Judas Priest programming RAGE on Saturday night. I stayed up for a good couple of hours watching the tunes, and was very impressed with the inbetween song banter. Here are a few of the highlights

Black Sabbath – Paranoid This clip has been played a thousand times on RAGE, and is always great to see the ultimate rock band in the early stages.


Motorhead – Chase Is Better Than The Catch

I hadn’t seen this clip too many times. It looks like it was filmed in the same sessions as the iconic “Ace Of Spades” filmclip. Great to see Lemmy in action.

Rage Against The Machine – Freedom

Not the best filmclip in the world, but an awesome song.

You should all checkout the RAGE playlists if you are not from Australia. http://www.abc.net.au/rage/playlist/

They feature a selection of tracks picked by one artist each week and they get some of the best in the world to grace the red couch. Just load the list into Youtube and you can have the experience anywhere in the world, without having to sit up late on Saturday night.

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