Most useful sites on the internet – maybe..

Daily Zen published this guide to some long forgotten but interesting sites. While they may not be the most useful for everyone, there are some handy online tools here.


It also makes you realise that there is an online service to accomplish almost any task. For instance, there is which allows you to print any page on the net (which a good screen capture program such as Snagit would also accomplish) and which allows you to listen to white noise.

Some of the more useful are, which is a search engine that does not “cookie” you and tailor the search results to your past browsing and search history. A lot of people are still not aware that Google does a lot of sculpting of search engine results before they are displayed to you, taking into accounts thousands of factors and aiming to give a results that are best suited to the individual. That is all well in theory, but it actually means that you are not getting an unbiased representation of the most relevant information for your query, but are actually getting the version of reality that Google wants to present to you.

There are many reasons why they do this, most notable so they can serve you better ads and make more money. Try comparing the search results of to Google and see which suits you best.

the other great site is, which is a network for people giving stuff away for free. Some of it is useless, most of it is quite good gear just waiting for the right person that has the right use for it. There are quite a few of these sites springing up, one that I have used is to find some great chairs. All you generally need to do is register your interest and go and pick them up.

Have a look through the list, are there any there that you have used recently?

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