Music Monday (on a Tuesday)

This is the first of our regular music Monday articles, where we feature the the top tunes that we have heard during the week, both new and old. It is also a way to feature artists that have connected with us during the week via social media that we have enjoyed, either from their sound or attitude.

There is an absolute flood of awesome music out there, released every day not just on itunes and spotify, but also through youtube, soundcloud and thousands of other small services.

Our musical tastes are pretty broad here, but we know what we like when we hear it. We hope you do to, but if not please let us know.

Big Ups

The first is a random Spotify find that I was impressed with as soon as I heard it.

It had the energy of hardcore and post-hardcore with a freshness not heard for many years.  People are drawing comparisons to Fugazi and Moss Icon , and it reminds me of some of the early 90’s Melbourne bands when I first started going to gigs.

The other songs are excellent, but Goes Black is the standout from the excellent “Eighteen Hours Of Static” released in late 2013.



Atomic Playboys

The second is a band that added me on twitter during the week.  I was intrigued as soon as I read through their previous tweets and noticed they described themselves as “a cross between the Butthole Surfers and A Perfect Circle”.

To me it sounded like an awesome combination, so I headed over to soundcloud and listened to their track, “Break The Sun”



I was quite impressed, and I think the description was spot on, with chugging and perfectly timed riffing and drums over warped vocals.

They hail from Austin Texas,and sadly only seem to have the one song out, but its well worth listening to

Winter York

A good indie track , these guys seem to be friends with the last band on the list Porcelain Pill. A good indie tune with some catchy hooks and a polished sound.

Porcelain Pill

For something completely more chilled check out local Melbournites Porcelain Pill, who combine downtempo electronic beats with folk instrumentation in a genre being called Folktronica (its a thing These are also quite a few remixes of their tracks in Soundcloud which really open up some of the tracks and completely change them.



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