New Skylanders Trap Team


I saw  tonight that the promotion of the new Skylanders Trap Team is starting to heat up, with local games stores starting to clear old Skylanders stock out at more than 75% of the original price.

I wasn’t a fan of Skylanders at first, but the kids inevitably got them as presents,  and playing along I got to enjoy the game mechanics and variety by swapping the characters out.

Of course,  you need to buy a new bit of equipment to play this one and can’t use the old portal.

Looks like they are releasing 16 new trapmaster characters (that can use captured villains ) and 18 standard new skylanders. It will be backwards compatible with your old skylanders as well, which is a big plus. The release video doesn’t give away a lot, but will build up the hype for kids aged 6 to 12!

Release date is early October 2014

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