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Everyone in the modern world is always looking for new stuff, things to fill the void created by the ever present cycle of daily busyness. Constant searches online for the next thing to by, or a quick 10 minute distraction for the grind fuel multi million dollar online empires.

The amount of searches online for people just looking for “New Stuff” is staggering. People don’t even know what they want, they just want SOMETHING to keep them occupied.

In the never ending quest to cure boredom, you have reached this site. I have one word of advice for you, and that is to take 5 minutes to stop what you are doing, and just breathe. Let your mind center itself, let the temporary distractions and “to do” lists bouncing around in your brain settle.

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There is more than FOMO that leads to anxiety, there is also NMO (Never Missing Out) that winds people up tight and never lets them relax. People want to have every waking moment filled up with something, and they never give their brain a chance to do nothing and fall back to a state of contemplation.

Once you stop for a minute, your true thoughts and feelings start to arise. New “Stuff” start to emerge, as your brain has time to put together the tsunami of consumed media and stimuli of the day and synthesise these into original thoughts.

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Written by Steve Mills

I am a writer, researcher and online marketer from Melbourne, Australia with a deep interest in a wide range of subjects


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