Spongebob – PPAP – Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

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Pokemon Go – Nidoran Crashed My Phone

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Trialling Pokemon Go capture via Android – Google Play when this happened !

Paramus, The Holiday Inn and Ghostbusters 2

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In our previous article, we pointed out that in Ghostbusters 2, the psychic Elaine says her encounter with the Alien occurs in the “Paramus Holiday Inn”. Quite often, when a specific place like this is mentioned in fiction of a paranormal nature you will see people reporting encounters off

Did Ghostbusters 2 predict the end of the world in 2016?

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Look out all of you Valentines day fans, the date predicted by the psychic on Peter Venkmans show at the start of  Ghostbusters 2 for the end of the world draws nigh! Venkman is interviewing guests on his chat show “The World of The Psychic” when one of his

Wilsons Prom, Victoria, Australia

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Having an awesome time at the moment exploring Wilsons Prom, which is a few hours drive south east of Melbourne. We come here each year for a bit of unwind time, just to soak in some nature and swim at the beautiful beaches. Here is Norman Bay beach with

New Stuff – Here are some good place to find it

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Everyone in the modern world is always looking for new stuff, things to fill the void created by the ever present cycle of daily busyness. Constant searches online for the next thing to by, or a quick 10 minute distraction for the grind fuel multi million dollar online empires.

Ok, the Warcraft trailer doesn’t look too bad.

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Ok this I have to admit, this looks pretty awesome. Great to see Travis Fimmel getting some big film roles, he brings something different to the screen. His performance as Ragnar Lothbroek on Vikings was one of the best things I have watched on TV this year. I binged

Awesome photos of Central Park

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Although I have never been to New York, I am always amazed at what a massive contrast Central Park is to the concrete canyons that surround it. Shown to us in countless movies and just about every travel show that visits New York, Central Park is a must see

Idea for new Star Wars / Blood Bowl Board Game

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I know these have been around for a while, but these Star Wars team logos are amazing and also a little bit inspiring. My mind instantly conjures a picture of a Blood Bowl style game of Football / Rugby / Gridiron where all of the races and factions of

3 great early Spiderbait songs

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As one of the only true survivors of the early 90’s thriving Melbourne music scene, Spiderbait have had an awesome career. While most people will know them for their albums after “The Unfinished Spanish Galleon of Finley Lake” in 1995, there first few recording efforts were amazing in their