The bionic future of sport


Interesting article over on Motherboard today by Zoltan Istvan on the future of sport in regards to bionics and transhumanism . Zoltan is a futurist, philosopher, journalist, and author of the bestselling novel The Transhumanist Wager

It certainly got me thinking of a easily foreseen in the not too distant future when there is a schism in professional sport and genetic / cybernetic / chemical rules governing athletes are relaxed or removed for whole divisions or leagues.

How these would compare as a spectacle against the stringently monitored current state of affairs, especially when both options are available to sports fans would be a very interesting state of affairs to see play out.

With the augmented athletes pushing performance past where humans have gone before it may well make for a more exciting contest, and one without the scandals that have rocked professional sport in recent years.

There is the moral question of course, not so much in the way of cheating, which would not be a factor in an open system. The moral question would be how far would we let people alter themselves towards the goal of sporting glory when it will have long term , or even worse immediate sudden consequences on their health and well being.

What do you think?

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