in Offers a New Model For Authors

Could this be the real future of text publishing, and even offer clues as to how music and video publishers may also raise funds?


I have just discovered,  which is essentially a crowd funding platform that allows authors  to turn their published books into Creative Commons licensed e-books. This would then make them free to download, share and read on any ereader.

The interesting part is that there are 3 models available to accomplish  this, some of which are your standard crowd funded types and some which add a fresh spin.

The first is a Pledge Campaign, where people can pledge their support for a particular book by donating money towards its creation

The second type is a Thanks-for-Ungluing Campaign, which is for donations to authors of works that have already become creative commons.

The most game changing of all options is the Buy-to-Unglue.  This works just like Similar to  Kickstarter, an author sets a target they’d like to reach through purchases of their e-Book, in order to obtain a Creative Commons licence.

This could be a real game changer, with writers creating content specifically knowing they can get it crowd funded and promoted for them. They are then free to monetise new works in mote traditional ways, and bring them back to Unglue once they have made sales (or tried and failed)

More interesting I think is music, with bands creating content for people to use in games, films and other online content by getting paid via to make creative commons works.

What do you think?

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